Vendor Valuation Program

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye, Marcom Technologies latest proprietary product was built to help its dealer clients effectively manage their marketing budget to produce the highest number of sales. Eagle Eye combines advanced technology with intense client engagement to ensure its clients get the most from the smallest budget.

Marcom Technologies

Eagle Eye:

  • Will manage your third party vendors so you don’t have to!!!
  • It’s proprietary software pulls data from 3rd party lead providers, web-site forms, widgets and phone.
  • It Apply algorithms to all the data and provide you with feedback on your marketing spend
  • We back track the customer path from where they began to your dealership, including PPC
  • Our client specialists contact your lower performing 3rd party vendors to ensure compliance with your standards
  • We hold monthly meetings with the management team to review performance of the marketing and set future lead measurement goals.
  • It tracks every dollar spent and measure return

Custom Software Development is available