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Marcom Technologies installs business processes that are dedicated to assist organizations in driving profits while reducing overall expenses. One of those processes is managing incoming sales and service calls. We have 25 years of experience in listening, critiquing and charting incoming calls. We have monitored tens of thousands of calls and trained thousands of salespeople on how to do the right things to get the best results on the phone.

The Marcom process doesn’t stop with just training people. Processes are implemented that will measure the improvement of employees and hold each and everyone accountable. We also provide valuable daily actionable data that helps our clients add business. We essentially become an extension to the current management team. Through our daily communications we coach your people everyday in a manner that is extremely positive; our goal is to make each an every employee better with each and every customer transaction.

Our History

Marcom Technologies began in 1986 and was the very first company to bring telephony recording to the auto industry. Because of no digital recording, we designed a telephone that would record one side of a conversation: the salesperson. It was amazing what you could learn from listening to just one side. By listening, critiquing and charting the calls, it gave us the information we needed to train the salesperson on proper words and phrases and guaranteeing success on the incoming sales call.

In the 1990’s the same owners of Marcom were the first company to develop a Windows based CRM for the Auto Industry!

In 2008 Marcom was re-invented with some significant changes. “Prior to starting up the company again we went back and sold cars, got into the trenches, we wanted to check and see what would work and more importantly what needed to change from what we did years ago. The difference and the changes we had to make were remarkable”, says Jim McGraw, Owner and Chief Operating Officer for Marcom. “Today’s customer is the same when they get in front of you; they still want a discount, still want the most money for their trade, etc. How they get in front of you though has changed immensely. We realized the scripts we used years ago had to be re-written for today’s consumer, and in fact, we had to eliminate them altogether. The key to process change in any organization is truly changing the behavior of your people, and that’s what we do at Marcom extremely well”

Our Unique Business Model

Times have changed; in today’s technology driven world many companies rely on different methods to provide training to its clients. While webinars and conference calls are effective in some situations, Marcom is a little old fashion. We believe in having industry-experienced individual’s in your organization working in the trenches with your people. We will never ask our clients employees to do anything we are not willing to do ourselves in front of them, “showing” your people we feel is the quickest way of changing behavior and getting the results everyone wants.

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