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Listen to, critique, and report results back to our clients.

Manage by Data

Clients receive daily “Actionable” data to obtain more sales and service.

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Welcome to Marcom Technologies

Sales and Service Call Monitoring
Management Training
Phone Training
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Service Training

Marcom Technologies installs business processes that are dedicated to assist organizations in driving profits while reducing overall expenses. One of those processes is managing incoming sales and service calls. We have 25 years of experience in listening, critiquing and charting incoming calls. We have monitored tens of thousands of calls and trained thousands of salespeople on how to do the right things to get the best results on the phone.

  • Sales and service call monitoring
  • Live people listening to calls
  • Each call scored against a set of criteria
  • Daily, weekly, and Monthly performance and data reporting
  • On-going training performance sessions

Our Unique Business Model- Times have changed; in today’s technology driven world many companies rely on different methods to provide training to its clients. While webinars and conference calls are effective in some situations, Marcom is a little old fashion. We believe in having industry-experienced individual’s in your organization working in the trenches with your people. We will never ask our clients employees to do anything we are not willing to do ourselves in front of them, “showing” your people we feel is the quickest way of changing behavior and getting the results everyone wants.

With our “Licensee Business Model” we have formed strategic alliances that leverages the skill sets of individuals and company’s bringing the “Best of the Best” to our clients. All Licensees utilize an adult learning pedagogy called “Guided Discovery” methodology to provide an interactive and fun training experience for the students. Participants role-play and compare their current techniques to what the instructor demonstrates.

Local representation is one of the cornerstones of our business our licensees interact with your organization daily, weekly, and monthly via E-mail, Texts, phone calls and of course in person.

Interested in becoming a licensee call us now at (844) 262-7100